Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mmmmm; pepperoni

If you will remember when I got back from New Jersey I spoke fondly of a local treat, Pepperoni Bread. I needed to make it before it was just a memory so this week I bought some Bridgeford frozen bread dough, sliced pepperoni along with mozzarella, parmesan, and fontina cheeses.

This was too easy but sooooo good.

Defrost the bread dough and roll into a rectangle.
Shred the cheeses and layer with lots of pepperoni slices.

Roll this up like a jelly roll but don't cut, leave whole, tuck under the ends
Brush with olive oil and let rise in a warm place, about 30 minutes.

Bake 375 for twenty minutes. It should be nicely browned and sound hollow when tapped. Brush crust with melted butter.

Eat as soon as it is cool enough, I burnt my mouth but it's up to you if you want to wait that long. It will smell like pepperoni and what could be wrong with that.

Bridgeford makes pretty decent bread. I've used it before for cinnamon rolls but this was the first loaf. If it turned out I was going to make my bread from scratch but this was too easy and was quite tasty, just like the original in Jersey.


Ellie said...

I have no access to frozen bread dough, but dangit, I'll make my own dough to make this bread! Cheesy pepperoni bread sounds so good!

Sylvie said...

Don't you just love that Bridgeford Frozen dough. I use it to make Monkey Bread during the holidays. When you don't have time to make it from scatch, this is the best alternative. I bet Sandra Lee would approve also (semi-homemade).

mooncrazy said...

Sylvie, it has won me over. I make good bread but this was so easy and all you need is a plain loaf.

My monkey bread--canned biscuits and it is very yummy. Speed scratch.

Ellie, no frozen bread dough? Maybe that's why us Americans have a weight problem, sigh, too much frozen stuff.

doodles said...

husband tends to not get involved in this food blog deal, however, while reading thisx post of moon's he saw the picture and immediately wanted to know what that was and whn I told him he said well I think I would eat that :-)

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