Sunday, October 08, 2006


I made four yes FOUR dozen chocolate chip cookies and this is what I have left!

We had a real estate open house today. When I saw La Vida Dulce's
Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I thought that could be the cookie that sells this place.

this is the plate I found when we returned home, holy cow all had vanished, three little cookies remained.

Have yet to hear from our realtor.

Next open house if required, will the the famous "scutterbotch" cookies...stay tuna'd


Ellie said...

HAH! What I wouldn't have given to watch the cookies disappear - everyone eyeing them off as they disappeared...down to the last three and nobody wants to look the hog so they wander tentatively near the platter...wander away and look lustfully back...unable to overcome their inhibitions they let out a sigh and walk away.

Of course, that's just me and my overactive imagination turning it into The Cookie Saga ;)

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Ah, there's the problem with cookies, you see. No sooner have you cooked them, and they're gone.

Makes you wonder if you ever cooked them at all.

wheresmymind said...

Perhaps the cookay monster came by?

Sylvie said...

Well they say the smell of baked cookies or cakes in the house makes it seem more cozy and inviting. This is a great way to add to the enticement to buy your home. I'll bet somewhere there's a study which shows the smell of vanilla in a home contributes to decisions to buy.

mooncrazy said...


You need to be a writer, I smell a novella in there somewhere.

La Vida Dulce said...

Hey! I'm glad they liked the cookies. Now have you tried the "Saint Joseph Kit" for selling real estate?

doodles said...

ellie sounds to me this could be a funky reality TV show!

Jeff sure cookay monster did it ;)

Sylvie I have been known to put a pot of water on the stove and add lemon rinds or cinnamon. Just to fill the house with a pleasant aroma.

Vida, there is a story behind the St Joseph kit too see my post.

But the cookies were very good and I thank you for posting the recipe.

Lea said...


I wish we had your luck at these open houses! We had another last weekend and no one even came!!!! =(

Annie said...

I would go to any open house that served cookies like those! Good luck!

a.roberson said...

I will be posting your link on for our link exchange if you'd like. Please do the same. Thank you much.

Alicat said...

holy cow!! that is a sh*t ton of cookies to go so quickly. I hope your house sells quickly! :o)