Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do you crave food?

It's OK sure you do, we all do. Some better for ya than others.

I woke up thinking about this salad dressing my sister introduced me to awhile back.  She posted the recipe  here

I remember that I made a fruit salad a few years ago that we really liked. I have the same ingredients on hand plus a few other items. Perfect for the salad dressing I have been craving.

Well I made this added some napa cabbage, a few pieces of gorgonzola cheese, pecan pieces, a few dried cranberries then added this wonderful dressing.

Try this, I know it's out of the norm.  If bannanas are not your thing add manadrin oranges, navel oranges or even fresh pineapple.  Let me know!!

And no I do not know where the name of this dressing came from.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A fitting name, The Oinkster

We don't usually do restaurant reviews but a post is a post so here's what we got into on a beautiful sunny Southern California Sunday. I'd heard about The Oinkster but Eagle Rock is about a 45-minute drive and nothing else out there I wanted to see but with two good friends wanting to go, we made a day of it.

Guy Fieri is to blame. After watching all the fun places he goes to I had to find a new one for us and thanks to Yelp, I stumbled on to this joint's website. First, let me say, I don't always believe everything I read on Yelp except when there are lots of current reviews. Most were positive with a few that thought the everyone was crazy for liking this place. We wanted to make up our own minds so off we went.

Driving there I'd remembered the area and talked about a fabulous Italian Bakery/Deli I thought was nearby. We searched the Garmin and sure enough, it was down the street. It's the Eagle Rock Italian Bakery and Deli. If you're in the area, it's quite a treat.

Lunch ordered we took a table outside. It was 12:30 pm and still not real crowded and a perfect day to eat on the patio.

Everyone ordered the Pulled-pork Sandwich with coleslaw and grilled onions. Their BBQ sauce, a vinegar-based Carolina style, came in a bottle. Not being a fan of the sauce I ordered the Rotisserie Chicken with Belgium fries and Roasted Garlic Aoili.
They make their own sauces and it's hard to say which one was better the Aoili or the homemade ketchup. I could have drank the ketchup but that garlic mayo was great too. Imagine it on a burger. Sigh.

What I wished to try, but didn't, was their House Cured Pastrami. It was as big a sandwich as the pulled pork and though a bit pricey, almost 9 bucks, it looks fantastic. I should have share it with someone. That doesn't mean my chicken wasn't delish, it was tender and juicy and full of flavor.

I might have been expecting something different with the Belgium Fries. They were soft but not greasy and a great way to get the ketchup into my mouth. They did have a very fresh flavor.

The menu also has beer and wine though we opted for soda and one of their handmade malts that was pretty hefty.

This place needs a return visit but being so far out of the way I'm not sure when. And the Italian Bakery? Yes, we stopped there and each got a loaf of their Italian bread. Oh brother was that good.