Friday, May 20, 2011

Request from my husband

"do it the way your sister does it".  Husband is referring to a poached egg.
Here's my story.  For the past 37 +/-  years I have struggled making my dear husband a poached egg on toast.  A favorite breakfast of his.  Seems like cooking eggs of any kind would be a bit of a struggle early on in our marriage.  Like hard boiled eggs but that can be another post.

So over the years I tried different ways and methods of poaching that egg.  Almost everytime I put that egg on the toast and put it in fromt of my dear husband, the yolk starts oozing out.  Well that's not the way a poach egg is supposed to be served.  We'd go to breakfast and the first thing dearest would order would be a poached egg.  Well dang it out it comes all pretty and intact. 
Once I grabbed a waitrees to ask her what the secret is in keeping the egg firm in water...................vinegar she says.  It firms to whites.  Well surely you must know I tried that.  One time too much another time not enough..........CRAP  I say!!

Fast forward to a few years ago while vising my sister.  She offers her husband and mine breakfast, they voted on poached eggs on toast.  I said  "I'll butter the toast". 

Wait till ya read is so simple and obvious why the heck did I never think of this.  The following is dear sister's method of poaching an egg.  And if you ever have trouble poaching an egg think of my many years of struggle.
*Moon's method of poaching an egg*
Heat an 8 inch pan put a little bit of butter or margarine in the pan to melt.  I use Smart Balance
Heat, in the microwave or on the stovetop, a couple a cups of  water.
Break the egg into the pan after the butter has melted.  Keep the heat med and cook the egg just enough to seet the egg white.  Now that water that you heated, gently pour that water into the pan with the egg.  Cook egg till the desired hardness of the yolks.  Scoop egg out of the water, drain a bit then place on your toast or english muffin. 
The springtime aspargus has been so good lately I had a bit leftover.  Put the warmed asparagus on the toast that  I spread with a dollop of chipotle mayo then the egg on top.

Needless to say I have a very happy spouse!!

Found the following over on Whole Foods recipe  blog

Eggs Five Ways

  • Top a beef or turkey burger with an over-easy egg and a slice of turkey bacon for a knife-and-fork burger that puts the regular ones to shame. Who says you can't have burgers for breakfast?
  • Tired of fried egg sandwiches? Slice hard-boiled eggs and layer them on buttered toast instead.
  • Toss scrambled eggs with leftover brown rice and steamed veggies for a hearty lunch.
  • Top rice cakes with a thin smear of miso and sliced hard-boiled eggs for a healthy breakfast.
  • Arrange slices of hard-boiled egg on whole wheat bread, top with a dollop of cottage cheese, slices of avocado and salt and pepper.