Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do you crave food?

It's OK sure you do, we all do. Some better for ya than others.

I woke up thinking about this salad dressing my sister introduced me to awhile back.  She posted the recipe  here

I remember that I made a fruit salad a few years ago that we really liked. I have the same ingredients on hand plus a few other items. Perfect for the salad dressing I have been craving.

Well I made this added some napa cabbage, a few pieces of gorgonzola cheese, pecan pieces, a few dried cranberries then added this wonderful dressing.

Try this, I know it's out of the norm.  If bannanas are not your thing add manadrin oranges, navel oranges or even fresh pineapple.  Let me know!!

And no I do not know where the name of this dressing came from.


Moon said...

I really like that dressing with orange and a firm avocado. Very tasty.

Allie and Pattie said...

Your family is obviously just like ours-all life's events revolve around food and time together! :)

Doodles said...

you are right Pattie..........sister says our family crest is probably a chicken.