Saturday, December 02, 2006

another odd pairing

Where I live we are still running the air conditioner. The electric company loves those sun gods and then the humidity is bad so the A/C is a must if you care to get sleep at nite.

So I am standing in my kitchen contemplating a healthy lunch and I see in my fruit bowl the following granny smith apples, a couple of banana's and some perfectly ripe Haas avacado's.

Doesn't that make an attractive picture. So being the odd duck that I am or can be I'm thinking how would they taste together??? Now I peel and chop, place said ingredients on a plate. OK dressing, they need something, yep something lite. Aha ha how bout that lime I have, squish the lime juice out and I have a tasty lunch. After a couple of bites I added some fresh gound pepper and a tad shake of salt. I also could have added some cilantro.

Let me know what y'all think, and try it if you dare.


Kalyn said...

I do vote for the addition of cilantro!

Ellie said...

The texture of fresh bananas tends to make me squick a little, but in concept I think it sounds pretty good! I do love me a good hass avocado!

mooncrazy said...

I agree with Kalyn, cilantro would be a good addition but what about a spicy dressing like Catalina? Or maybe something hot like chipotle?

I made whipped cream flavored with chipotle for some cantaloupes once and it was to die for.

And as a side-bar

maltese parakeet said...

who cares? we beat 'sc! go bruins!

ilva said...

This is the way of thinking I like!

wheresmymind said...

AC???'s snowing right now!