Thursday, October 19, 2006

A new addition to the family

Well it's a new addition to my appliance family. I have been wanting a new food processor for a very long time. I am blaming this purchase on Jeff because when I saw the one he got I was in a state of envy.

It matches my car, although it was not a priority. Husband said that the lawnmower doesn't have as powerful motor ;)It's a Kitchen Aid 12 cup, 750, with a mini bowl. I have not used it yet, and I don't know what I'm waiting for, BUT it sure does look nice in my appliance garage.
stay tuna'd


Lea said...

UH!!!!!! I didnt know it comes in RED!!! We recently bought the exact same food processor but its silver! It works WONDERFULLY! Just watch the liquid limit.. it LOVES to leak!!!

wheresmymind said... you have to get the blender I have! :D I love my food processor SO much though I like mine pimped in chrome ;)

Annie said...

I'm happy for you, but I am also jelous! It's so shiny and pretty.

Happy processing :)

La Vida Dulce said...

Ooh, more things for me to covet! Seriously though, food processors turn out the best pie crusts. A couple of pulses and it's done, no overworking the dough. Happy cooking!

mooncrazy said...

Dulce is correct, it is a great way to do pie crust, pizza dough, too.

I like the red but our Bruin lil bird will have something to say, I'm sure.

I promised myself when the old one dies I will replace it. It is on life support.

Ellie said...

Oh my god! Jealous doesn't even begin to cover how I feel!! You lucky lady :)

maltese parakeet said... ugh. well, the patriarch would've loved it. though, at least it's not maroon, which is the color of whiny morons and murderers.

anyway, let me know how it works though, because i, too, have been thinking about a new food processor for xmas since that sillay monkay jeff got his. you could try sylvie's new recipe for peruvian aji sauce in it.

maltese parakeet said...

sorry, that sentence should read:

...which is the color of the school for whiny morons and murderers.

Lea said...

and here I was trying to imagine maroon morons and murderers....

doodles said...

well that's scary I knew what you meant "bird" I would never have anything of that color, well maybe wine, but that's my limit. I am a red person.
jeff Nope no blender in my future, got one works wonderful for what I need.
dulce I pondered a very long time over this purchase, ask moon. Yay maybe I can master pie dough. But moon's pizza dough is probably at the top of the list...stay tuna'd