Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two weeks: too long to be without a stove

I'm back and I missed this blog because I didn't even have access to a computer to see what everyone was up to. We ate our way through Philly, New Jersey and right up down to DC so I have some stories to tell.

What was the best? Pepperoni Bread in New Jersey. Seems like it's been a staple there for years and I've got to come up with a recipe. Second was a cheese steak. Amazing when done right and since we stayed with two Philly born cousins they treated us to the authentic. Third was the Philly soft pretzel and I have to say, they were different than all others I've tasted. I think the common denominator for these treats was the bread, it must be the water.

So any Philly cooks out there, send me a recipe for Pepperoni Bread and I'll give it a try with my west coast water.


wheresmymind said...

We've missed ya too....I want some cheese steak on pepperoni bread! :D

doodles said...

yes we all missed ya sister.........cheese steak on pepperoni bread is where the word AGITA came from!!!

Sylvie said...

Welcome back. I love Philly cheesestaek. I haven't tried the pepperoni bread yet, but it sound like a must have. Next time I'm in Philly guess what I'm having.

Annie said...

Glad to see your back! I haven't had a soft pretzel in forever. Now I want one! The pepperoni bread sounds yummy too!