Monday, September 04, 2006

Rack 'em up: cue balls on the grill

Here's another Doodles/Mooncrazy dinner. We found these lovely "orby" zucchini at the Farmer's Market and since we love all things grilled that's where they ended up. They seem to be a bit meatier than the long variety and maybe sweeter, can't decide. I do know they are easier to prep. I cut them in four slices which are nice shape for the grill, easy to turn and cook evenly.

The other zucchini is a "white" squash and couldn't tell the difference with that one. They are a little "squattier" than regular. The Cue balls come in green and yellow and are quite attractive on the plate.

The others in the cast?

A nice pork loin, brined for about five hours and grilled. We also had grilled onions and roasted green beans. A nice crisp Luna Pinot Griggio.

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wheresmymind said...

Nice to see ya'll gettin' back in the cookin' groove!

doodles said...

Sister monn is correct these little cue balls are very full of flavor! I think the reason for that is the 'balls' are not as watery as their cousin the long skinny variety. Maybe that is what makes them taste a bit sweeter. It idin't think they tasted sweeter but the seller told us they did.
The whole meal was scrumptious. And you can bet I'll be brining my newxt pork loin.

Kalyn said...

This does sound like a great meal. My garden store calls those round zucchini "8 ball" zucchini. I grew them last year and really liked them but this year I didn't ever find that type of plants. (And I am way too lazy to grow plants from seeds.)

Lis said...

Hi girls! Wow.. I have never seen the round zucchini before.. could they be any cuter? I do love grilled zucchini and yours look perfect! Thank you so much for bringing them to the party! (everyone else might have to fight me for some though!)

Also.. your blog is new to me. I can't wait to go through you archives and check out your future posts =)

Ivonne said...

Those zucchini are just adorable and I love the name of the dish! It's always nice to have another option when preparing zucchini, especially since we grow our own and are inundated with them.

Thank you so much for bringing this lovely dish to the festa!

mooncrazy said...

Kalyn, you could be right I'd heard them called either. Doodles also suggested stuffing them. I'm thinking great for a buffet item.

Thanks, Jeff. We really did a lot of cooking, just too busy to post.

And Doodles, is right they aren't as watery so don't forget to oil them before grilling.

Annie said...

Hi Girls, Great dish! How cute are those little round zucchini. I have never seen them before. The pork looks scrumptious too.
Btw, Doodles, I tagged you for the 5 things to eat before you die. MoonCrazy you can join in the fun too!

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