Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just in case you thought we were slackin'

We've been busy. Restaurants, emergency room, you know, vacation stuff but in between Doodles and myself have actually done some cooking. One item on her list of must-haves was fried chicken so I fired up the iron skillet (which is what our Grandmother, Emily Prucilla called a frying pan) and got busy with a chicken. Here's a recipe from a past post. Fried Chicken.

The liver didn't look good so I didn't fry it but the gizzard, upper left corner, was for the guest of honor. Frying chicken is a messy deal and I should have picked up some extra livers and gizzards because, to me, they're the best part.

No complaints from the family.


Lea said...



you know I've been looking for the longest time for a REAL fried chicken recipe... you know... the ones passed from generation to generation, the best kind... not some floofy thing some high profile chef made up who's idea of fried chicken is a step-up from KFC ;-)

I am totally going to make this!! Maybe this weekend!! =D After the shrimp and grits of course ;-)

wheresmymind said...

What did you serve this with? Looks too good! :D

mooncrazy said...

Please let me know what you think of the recipe. I've made this since I was in my teens, yikes, long time ago.

Funny little cabbage salad we just threw together and added Newman's Own Sesame Ginger. Just proves you can put that on just about anything.

doodles said...

OK folks you tell me good home cooked friiiied chicken would not be on your list of must haves. Actually behind taquitos in Olvera street.

lea this is definitely a recipe you too will pass on - I promise you.

and the cole slaw salad was a fluke - but one of those tasty flukes - I'm sure you have all had.

thanks sister moon