Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Marshmallows and money: they don't grow on trees

I do like to try other food blog's recipes and this is my attempt at a good one I found on Baking Sheets. Nic's got quite the nice site. Seems she got it from someplace else but I'm not keeping track these days, way too hot. This recipe took a minimal amount of stovetop cooking and it looked fun. Everyone I've told has the same reply, "who makes marshmallows?" Well, someone has to, they don't grow on trees you see, so I gave it a try.

Was it fun?

If fun means getting completely sticky this was a ball. First don't forget to oil EVERYTHING! You might even throw a coat on the floor while you're at it. I had that goo everywhere. It's super easy albeit a bit time consuming getting all the cutting done.

They are wonderfully soft and not as sweet as the market tree-grown varieties. Next time I think I could get more creative with the outside coating, powdered sugar/cornstarch mixture but we has a great time making s'mores with them that night. I even took a dozen as a "get well."


Kalyn said...

I met Nic from Bakingsheet at Blogher and she was great. Really nice and friendly. However, I don't think I will try making the marshmallows, but I'm glad you did. They look good.

Laura Rebecca said...

I made marshmallows awhile back -- pain in the arse! Yours came out much lovlier than mine did; nice work!

wheresmymind said...

ummm....yeahhhh...where's the chocolate?? lol

Annie said...

Those look great. I will not be trying it though. Too difficult and messy for me. lol I have enough trouble cleaning up my mess after heating up leftovers ;)

Lea said...

Wow... the thought never even occured to me to MAKE marshmallows... I thought they did grow on trees? My whole concept of reality is ruined now!!!