Sunday, August 06, 2006

my favorite lazy weekend brunch

bite of caprese

we love us some caprese salad in this house. obviously, we modify it a bit with the bread and the salami, but the concept is the same. it's our favorite lazy weekend brunch. it's such an easy thing to prepare, yet it looks great and tastes even better.

plate of caprese & some stuff

this batch was made with fresh heirloom tomatoes and basil from our cropshare. let me tell you, this is what tomatoes are supposed to taste like.

sunday brunch spread

hope everyone had a great weekend!


wheresmymind said...

I think Steph and I might be going in on a cropshare type dealio here in Beantown!

mooncrazy said...

Where's the wine?

doodles said...

I so love lazy week-end brunch. your looks lazy and tasty but I'm a mimosa kinda brunch drink person
it's the OJ - good for ya!

Annie said...

I love the simplicity of Caprese salad too and the salami is a great addition!