Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours #3

This month, the theme is your tried-and-true recipes.
Cate at Sweetnicks is sponsoring this monthly event.
Check her out for this months roundup. Thanks Cate.

What a mess I have in the recipe keeping system and I am convinced I will continue to have.The mess is organzed to some degree that I am able to locate a recipe……… might not be able to but I can.

I posted a blog a couple weeks ago regarding this very subjuct. How do you organize your recipes and in what format? Well my dear niece, malteses parakeet, aka “little bird”, told me about

{quote} i snagged a cool online cookbook idea from our blogger friend sylvie at soul fusion kitchen. she got the idea from elise at simply recipes. the instructions are here. it's really simple. {quote}

And she was dead on right - it is way simple. But then only as good as long as the site stays up and running. Hey I’m will to take that chance. But I must admit I have printed off many of the recently saved recipes to just as a precautionary measure.

You know you always think that you are the only one in the
world that has a mess such as this. I'm sure I'm not alone.
Hopefully from this event something can help me to be
more organzed. I am quite anxious to see what other folks
have done in the recipe management department.
so..........stay tuna'd


Kalyn said...

I also got the idea of the cookbook from Elise, and it's simply fabulous. It's the best way ever invented to keep track of the recipes you spot online.

Now, for those you find in cookbooks and cut out of magazines you'll have to find another system!

wheresmymind said...

System...what dat? lol

Sylvie said...

I would say your files look quite organized to me. I guess the only way we can get the favorite paper files on would be quite labor intensive by posting them on the blog and then attaching to delicious. (I'll put that on my "to do" list when I retire.)

doodles said...

Sylvie.....I know how organized you are and I bow to you for that but there just ain't no way I am gonna post recipes and then put them in delicious. LOL

Annie said...

I will have to check this out. I'm am getting overwhelmed lately with recipes!!!!

rowena said...

I've seen that link for but didn't know you could save recipes. Anyhoo, I probably would make a mess of that seeing the amount of internet-related things on my plate. ;-)