Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lebni entertain you

Little bird and I did a little shopping at a few of the local stores and after shoes, clothes and wine purchases I showed her our best kept secret the Valley Produce Market. This wonder store is an ethnic market with so many different cultures recognized it would be hard to list.

What she introduced me to was Kefir cheese, also known as Lebni, which is made from yogurt with the whey removed. It has the consistency of cream cheese with less fat and salt and a slightly tangy flavor. She sprinkled some oregano and smoked paprika over and then drizzled olive oil. We had it on flax flat bread which we also bought at the market.

On the left is some hummus that she also fixed and to that she added some smoked garlic. Both of these snacks were well received by her dad, then we all had a nap. Great Sunday.


Julie said...

I love lebni! Thanks for writing about something a little more exotic than the norm. Middle Eastern food is my favorite.

Kalyn said...

Sounds interesting. I haven't heard of this before.wdkpfm

Annie said...

I've tried kefir yogurt. It came in a carton and has more of a smoothie drinkable texture. It is supposed to have lots of "good" bacteria to help in digestion.
I love those kind of Sundays :)

wheresmymind said...

Looks like a great snack...where's the wine??

mooncrazy said...


I'm beginning to learn more about this yogurt thingy and it all depends how much whey you remove. They more they take away the thicker the end product.

Annie said...

That sounds right. I know if you strain ricotta cheese through cheesecloth overnight, you will be left with (the curds) and a much thicker consistancy.