Friday, July 07, 2006

the forgotten fruit.............

Last week I purchased a plantain at the farmer’s market. I had not made fried plantains in ages. And probably because they are fried and a tad fattening ….hello two strikes. But I had one and it was beginning to yellow so it was nearly past its prime. Off I go to hunt for my favorite recipe for fried plantains. It happens to be Alton Brown’s

Sometimes prior to frying I sprinkle with chipotle flakes or after frying dust lightly with the smoky paprika that sister moon is takling about.

My snap of the dish shows the carmelization but also shows that they are somewhat burnt, I like them like that then again others may not.

If this recipe does not appeal to you google fried plantains and you may come up with thousands if not a bajillion site. But here is a site that is quite informative on the sweet plantain.

So when you want a tasty morsel that leans toward the a bit high in the calorie count whip up a plate of fried plantains…………..they go great with pork carnitas tacos.


wheresmymind said...

I love fried plantains...especially with Venezuelan food.

doodles said...

I know Cuban, Carribean, as well as Mexican food but not Venezuelan.

mooncrazy said...

Welcome back, Jeff. Venezuelan food? Share some recipes. I don't think I've knowingly had food from Venezuela.