Saturday, July 22, 2006

Farmer's Market visit

Was able to get a few things there yesterday. The cantaloupe tastes like little sugar balls they are so sweet. So thinking that would compliment my gorgonzola cantaloupe salad - think I'll resurrect that little gem.

Blueberries are a favorite and these I noticed were Carolina grown as are the peaches. So thank you to the Carolina's for growing some wonderful goodies.

Now should I have blueberries with my
cereal or cereal with my blueberries?

Another thought is that I came across somewhere in my food blogland travels, a recipe for blueberry chipotle BBQ sauce. Thought that might have a possibility. I'll share when I find it.
stay tuna'd....................

If you have a recipe for Blueberry Chipotle BBQ sauce e-mail it to us and we'll post it.


wheresmymind said...

Cheese and cantaloupe..what a great idea!

Annie said...

I love cantaloupe, but it is hard to find a perfectly sweet one. Your recipe sounds like something I would love.
I just made Low-fat Blueberry Muffins with some fresh blueberries-YUM!!! I will post it sometime this week :)