Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Recipe management software program

Teddy Bear Picnic..........
Well it did not happen.........it rained here yesterday for six solid hours. As you can see "Willard" isn't looking too happy.

We'll save it for another day

But I have a question for y'all... about recipe management software programs?
Does anyone have one? How do you store your recipes? When you find a recipe do you print it out and save it or do you as many others do have them in folders on your computer. Or some have tons and tons in the favorite file....guilty person raising her hand here.

So what's the secret to good recipe management? I will be sure to post all response or any info that copes our way here at PBE..........stay tuna'd


Alicat said...

eek -- I'm the worst. Piles of recipes everywhere from when I print them off the internet. I am curious to hear about those of you that are organized or who have used software. :o)

maltese parakeet said...

i snagged a cool online cookbook idea from our blogger friend sylvie at soul fusion kitchen. she got the idea from elise at simply recipes. the instructions are here. it's really simple.

basically, you use a del.icio.us account, which is kind of like a web-based way of saving favorites, except much easier to sort and you can access it from any computer. once you create an account, you simply save links to recipes you like and tag them with keywords. then you can return later and look for recipes by keyword. i always tag every recipe with "food," "recipe" and then the name of the dish or a few key ingredients. you can even type notes and it is easy to go back to edit or remove things later. the only downside is that this system is only good as long as those links stay valid, so if you really like something, you might want to print it out just in case the site goes away!

a cool thing about using this sytem is you can share your list with others and you can peek at your friends lists. simply add their screen name them to "your network" on del.icio.us. mine is "anrol." if you try this out, please add me and let me know so i can add you and see all your recipes! :)

wheresmymind said...

I don't care if you don't have your teddy bear picnic on the actually day...I was so psyched to read about that it NEEDS to take place :D

Sylvie said...

So far I am happy with Del.icio.us. So simple. when you visit a site and like the recipe just click your icon "post to del.icio.us" and add tags so you can do a seach later. See MP's comment.

Now my only fear is what happens if del.icio.us goes out of business.