Friday, July 14, 2006

Tag, you're it

Jeff at C for Cooking has tagged us for the virus... I mean, the 5 things meme... so here goes from the three of us:

Five things in our freezers
Doodles: chicken, Limoncello, chicken stock, cilantro pesto, frozen lemon yogurt
Mooncrazy: coconut popsicles, lots o chicken, ham bone, ice pack, and Limoncella.
Maltese Parakeet: chopped spinach, chicken breasts, new ice cream maker bowl, ice pack, and half-eaten ben & jerry's pints (apparently, i need to buy some limoncello/a!).

Five things in our closets
Doodles: too many shoes, t-shirts that I have had way too long, jeans, shirts and some skinny clothes I'm hanging on to by a thread.
Mooncrazy: hangers, more hangers, American flag, step stool, and vacuum.
Maltese Parakeet: 8 million pairs of black shoes, enough ucla stuff to start my own bear wear store, holiday decorations (dia de los muertos and christmas), craft supplies and Maltese flag.

Five things in our cars
Doodles: lots of loose change(?), many CD's, toothpicks, water bottle, my large insulated bag for transportating cold stuff during the summer.
Mooncrazy: Old lottery tickets, bottle of water, many cds, Trader Joe's bag, and coupons for the market.
Maltese Parakeet: thomas guide, sunscreen, spare flip flops in case i get a pedicure, mints, and pink our lady of guadelupe shopping bag.

Five things in our purses
Doodles: more of that dreaded loose change, PBEtouffee business cards, phone, several lip gloss, dental floss
Mooncrazy: phone, lip gloss, nail file, lots of change, and business cards
Maltese Parakeet: the crackberry, asthma inhaler, lipstick (clinique tenderheart), [ahem] spare plugs, and valet key for my car (btw, when did we get business cards?!).

Five people we'd like to tag: no pressure!
Laura Rebecca


doodles said...

my limoncell ends in o

I just printed off some cards with the PBE logo and URL when we went on the hoosier trip....I'll bring ya some

Sylvie said...

Thanks for the tag. I haven't participated in a meme in a while so this should be fun.

wheresmymind said...

First off...I'm super impressed ya'll did it! My favorites are:

Doodles: Limoncello...kudos for booze in the freezer!!
Moon: Business cards...that's awesome ya'll have businss cards..great idea, have to get them for
Parkeet: I'd like to know what flavors Ben & Jerry's :)

mooncrazy said...

Jeff, there was a bit of confusion about your blog name. It comes up different on your feed.

La Vida Dulce said...

Thanks for noticing!

I'll post on La Vida Dulce.

maltese parakeet said...

wmm, i think it's probably chocolate fudge brownie and phish food. i didn't actually check which ones, pints are a given in my freezer. they stopped making my favorite (one sweet whirled).

wheresmymind said...

I just updated my 'blog name' could you let me know next time I post (Monday) if it comes up at "C For Cooking"?

maltese parakeet said...

jeff - it shows up as "c for cooking" now!