Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is there such a thing as fool proof pie crust???

Well we are gonna see, cause I am the perfect person to test this.

There is a pie crust that is written up in the latest issue August/September 2006 of Cook’s Country. On the cover, which is graced by some pretty gorgeous peaches I might add, it states NO-FEAR PIE DOUGH flakiest pat-in-pan crust ever.

Well heck sakes that’s for me, cause I am crummy at pie crust. I am not afraid to admit that, cause I had a mother, a grandmother and a mother in-law that could make excellent pie crust. And sister moon puts out a very good crust as well. So why the heck would I need to try and make crust. I didn’t try, I didn’t even observe their techniques. Well I’m sure y’all know the end of that story. The fine pie dough makers of the family are no longer with us, with the exception of sister moon, y’all know she’s still here. But she lives 3000 miles away.

So when I got this issue of
Cook’s Country I was quite excited to see a no fear pie dough even existed. There are many of us, I am convinced, that just can’t seem to get it together when constructing a precious pie crust. Why the heck do ya spose they invented Pillsbury already made in a package let it come to room temp, pie crust.

By the way Cook’s Country magazine is the little sister to the ever popular Cook’s Illusrated that is related in a big way to
America’s Test Kitchen.

In the meantime who out there is a hesitant pie crust maker. Share your secrets if you care to. And if you want, share your hits and misses.

Well I’m gonna try this Cook’s Country pie dough and I will be happy to pass along to you the yay’s and the nay’s………………….stay tuna’d


wheresmymind said...

I've seen ads for cooks country....but, really, what do they do different from cooks illustrated?

Kalyn said...

Ok, I freely admit it, I can't make pie crust worth a darn. Just as well, because it is sooooo not on my diet.

doodles said...

J - I cannot answer that question because I don't know what the difference is or why they did another mag? Oh yes with the exception that cooks country is a big larger in format so it fits no where in your book shelf holders. Other than that it's OK.
kaylyn it's not in mine either but the challenge is and like I say - ya just gotta treat yourself once in awhile ;)

Alanna said...

This is a "perfect your pie crust" (again) summer for me so I'm experimenting with different techniques ... and this one caught my attention too.

Cook's Country is Cook's Illustrated (feeble, if you ask me) attempt to compete with Taste of Home, America's #1 recipe publication. It's aimed at a less sophisticated (sorry, present company excluded) audience with less access to/interest in to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and other citified trendy food.

BTW I've had great luck three times with the shortening crust here.

doodles said...

ak - I am amazed that Taste of Home would be a #1 recipe mag. And you are probably correct in your reasoning.

good luck three times with shortening pie crust if I were you I wouldn't venture away from that recipe.

mooncrazy said...

I've got a no-fail recipe for crust but since the heat keeps me from baking a pie, it will have to keep until Fall or when I stop sweating, which ever comes first.

Maybe when doodles is here we can make one together.

doodles said...

what a great idea we can have a cooking day when the three of us hopefully can all get together and cook.

Amy said...

hi--I just found your blog and this post by searching for a review of this pie crust on-line. I couldn't find a follow-up post on your blog, so I thought I'd ask if you ever made it, and if so, would you recommend it?