Sunday, July 09, 2006

You say potato and I say, damn good

I've been to two parties in the last seven days that required me to make potato salad and as always it met with rave reviews. Everyone always asks for the recipe and when I tell them they say, what no mustard/pickle relish/fill in your favorite item?

If I give them the recipe they'll put in mustard, pickle relish or their favorite item and then tell me, hey, it wasn't the same as yours. Of course not. The reason you like mine is you don't like all those extras but I'm going to give the recipe anyway. Our mother/Grandmother Lorna made this and I never saw her make anything different.

Potato Salad

boiled russett potatoes
boiled eggs (don't boil them to death, no one likes grey around the yolks)
diced celery
minced onion (just a little onion, more like a suggestion than an ingredient)
Best Foods mayonnaise
salt and pepper (this is last for a reason--don't salt until you taste)

Mix everything together and refrigerate. I can't tell you how much of the above items to use. I just start with the potatoes and add everything to look and taste. Don't use red potatoes or Miracle Whip and then tell me it didn't taste like mine. Just what is Miracle Whip anyway?


wheresmymind said...

No debate on the onion for me :D

doodles said...

It is without a doubt the best damn potato salad ever made. Thank you momma. I am required in my marriage contract to make this at least once a month.
sister moon this would be a good time to post my foolproof way of hard boiling eggs.

mooncrazy said...

Yes, doodles do post your method.

Annie said...

This sounds just like my mom's recipe. And I agree it is damn good!

maltese parakeet said...

the granddaughter/daughter attests that she cannot stand any other type of potato salad.

mooncrazy said...

Annie, is your mom from the mid-west? Ours was from Indiana. I wonder if it is a regional recipe.