Monday, April 24, 2006

At long last, a cake

Ok, this is the last post about my cake fiasco. I scrapped the chocolate (see previous post) for the yellow cake with strawberry cream filling and white chocolate ganache on the left. I did not use the same ganache recipe as it had Karo syrup and I thought it would be too sweet with the white chocolate. Only problem it wasn't shiny like the dark chocolate but it was yummy. It is easy to spread and easier to make. Bring heavy cream and a few tablespoons of butter to a boil and pour over the white chocolate. Cool and then beat it to the consistency you need.

Worried the berries in the filling would "weep" I sliced and patted them dry between paper towels and they were perfect. The berries on the top were washed, chopped and tossed with a little sugar. They gave a nice "fresh" taste to the cake and to be honest, I can't write happy-anything with frosting.

The dinner party was very nice and the cake most appreciated as the last photo shows, not much left. This was a ten inch cake and in retrospect I'd have cut it different. Even though there was nothing left on the plates I thought the pieces were way too big. I did have help from our darling Teri, a culinary expert turned Starbuck's manager. I was ready to heat the knife with hot water and she just heated it over the gas burner, neat trick.

Like I said cakes aren't my forte but after this experience I might start making more.


doodles said...

you are to be commended sister moon ~ it is a huge accomplishment and know who these folks were they loved biz for cakes is quite profitable I hear HAHAHAHAHA

maltese parakeet said...

is that the ticking plate? did it tick when you put the cake on it? did people think you put a bomb in the cake?

mooncrazy said...

Ah, little bird is referring to my Vietri Rosso Vecchico platter that was my retirement gift and I love dearly. When I first washed and dried it the plate started making this "ting" and I thought there was something wrong. After contacting the company they assured me the glaze was planned to "age" and to enjoy. Rosso Vecchico is Italian for Old Rose. How stupid did I feel!

farmgirl said...

Yum! I am such a cake fiend--and that one looks gorgeous and sounds scrumptious. So pass me those leftovers, please. : )