Friday, April 14, 2006

Quick and simple can be tasty

Most of the time our food blog is about simple food. That's not to say we don't throw in a restaurant review or two from time to time but the bread and butter of this blog seems to be quite mainstream when it comes to cookin'. It's what we cook and eat everyday not unlike most of my friends and relatives.

We like to list other sites or products we've found that work great or don't work at all. Hopefully it will save some other busy woman a little extra time. I stumbled on Muir Glen canned tomatoes quite by accident at our Trader Joe's and now they are the only ones I buy. The tomatoes are always quite tasty, they're organic, and come in an enameled can. Don't know if the can has anything to do with it but they sold me but because TJ's doesn't always carry them I have to drive to Whole Foods.

What did I use tonight? A small can of whole peeled tomatoes; run through the blender, some ground meat, and the usual Italian herbs and garlic. Brown the meat with some olive oil; add the herbs, garlic and most of the tomato; simmer. I always reserve about 1/4 of the tomato to add at the end, it gives it a fresher taste. A little chopped Italian parsley and pour that over hot pasta, any shape. Top with a grate or three of pecorino romano; a salad and some bread and I'm happy.

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