Thursday, April 20, 2006

Please, let them eat the cake

I'm not a cake baker, nope, never have been. Can't even make decent cupcakes which is odd because I can cook most anything else. I'm doing a favor for my dear friend Ingrid. With her mom in the hospital she won't have time to fix a cake for a dinner party she's having on Saturday. It's to celebrate the anniversary of some out of town friends of ours, the Shranks. I offered because Ingrid is the kind of friend that would do this for you and I know she wants the party to be nice for Tom and Diane. Even though I don't bake cakes I thought I'd give it a try.

My problem is the cake layer comes out all humpity in the middle. I've tried everything and I know, I can trim it but there must be some trick I'm missing. I'm doing three layers and each needed a fair amount of time. I've even bought three new, straight-sided pans just for the occasion.

I'm freezing the layers and making ganache on Saturday. If anyone has a magic trick, even though it's too late for this cake, let me know. I might even get the hang of this cake thing.


maltese parakeet said...

did you take that with the canon? nice depth of field.

as for the cake, i think even the pros have to trim. i seem to remember alton brown coming up with this focacte (yiddish sp?) contraption to trim them evenly. if a.b. has to trim his cakes, then everyone does.

doodles said...

good snap sister moon...........I told ya go find some fishing line. Or when all else fails use more frosting. Not being a cake baker either I haven't a clue. But follow the little birds lead if A.B. does it then it's OK by everyone else. And anyway who's gonna know. Don't forget to take a snap of the finished product....she'll forget I know her.