Friday, April 07, 2006

The fire in the belly is not from the chili

My Sister Weed found a link to the Cielito Lindo restaurant I mentioned is a past post, Sherman, set the Wayback machine for 1957. It was and still is one of the highlights whenever we all get together. The little bird grew up with this eatery and I'm sure she could throw a fond memory on this pile, as well.

Their site is interesting because it answers some questions we'd had about the early days, seems they started in the '30s. The story of how Aurora came to this country, as an immigrant with five small children, and made a life for herself is very inspiring and it got me thinking about this big ole immigration issue everyone is talking about. They should be talking about a war in Iraq but I digress.

So this is what immigrants do. Was
Aurora Guerrero's story different from thousands of other families? I don't think so. They come to this country, work hard, establish their family and create jobs for others not to mention the best damn taquitos in the world and they stay in business for 70 years. What a drab ugly country this would be without them.

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doodles said...

here, here!!! I will drink a Corona to that and treat you to taquitos on my next trip. Ya know looking at the pics makes my mouth water............weed