Monday, April 10, 2006

Gladly not a vanishing breed

I try to keep some homemade cookies on hand because they are so much better than the packaged varieties. Not that I'd turn down a Fig Newton or an Oreo if I had a big ol' glass of milk but I do love the good old oatmeal cookie recipe on the box of Quaker Oats. That recipe is one of those I could make in a coma because I've made it so often but I thought I'd look on the Quaker website for a link. Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Cook's tried to improve on this recipe and after months of testing they had something quite close to the recipe on the box. They replaced the baking soda with baking powder and eliminated the cinnamon. Philistines! Cinnamon and nutmeg are two of my "personal" spices but other than that the recipe is ok.

This may sound odd but I eat less of the homemade. I'm thinking it might be because the box variety are filled with empty flavors where you put fresh ingredients that are full of flavor in your own. Who knows, I do feel more satisfied with one big homemade oatmeal cookie than a whole box of the store bought, and I've eaten a whole box. Come on, you have too.

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