Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pork, Pork, Pork, the other white meat

Well that's what they say in the ad's. Haven't seen those in awhile. Anyway I'm at the market and see this pork butt on sale 59 cents a pound. What I say, can't be I look in the case and they are all the same price per pond. So the market got a "butt load" (pun intended) of pork butts and now are passing along the savings to us, how sweet is that. I never noticed the sale in their flyer, but then I am not always diligent about checking the sales, heck who am I kidding I hardly ever do. If I stumble on a sale it's because I was at the right place at the right time.

Which brings me back to these pork butts. There weren't very many of them in the case, probably cause they were rather massive. Big butted pigs as husband would call them, and he knows about pigs because we raised pigs once upon a time. Another story another time.
So I walk away from the meat case thinking what the heck am I gonna do with all that pork? After cruising the aisles of the market I find myself back to the meat case with the subject pork. I pick up a 9.8 pound piece and off I go.

I get home, unload and stash said stuff, then look at this piece of meat, reach over pick up the phone and call sister moon. "What the heck have I done? It's later in the afternoon, I wanna cook this thing. How should I do that, slow roast, cover it, braising method, OK times wasting I don't wanna freeze it". And all sister moon could say is "nothing is 59 cent a pound any more".
I know I comment - "think it was a mistake so I gotta get this thing in the oven before they come to repo my pork butt".

We came to the collective decision of heat the oven to 425 put the pork in after I thoroughly salted and pepper the piece, put it in uncovered. I cooked it at the 425 mark for half hour forty five minutes then turned it down to 275 and slow roasted it for five ish hours. I didn't cook it till done because whatever I was going to do with this piece cooking was going to be involved.

Let it cool, divided the piece into three indiviual packages and put two in the freezer. The other I left in the fridge for dinner the next nite, and the next nite, and the next nite. No not really but you get the picture.

Stay tuna'd for all of my pork meal ideas...OR if you would have any suggestions bring em on!!!


La Vida Dulce said...

Lucky shopper! Good price. Next time ask the butcher to cut that big butt into more manageable pieces, like two or three. That band saw makes quick work of cutting up almost ten pounds of pork. Ooh, perhaps pulled pork sandwiches and carnitas are next?

doodles said...

I did think about that after.what the heck. Yep carnitas tonite.

Lea said...

I laughed out loud at "repo my pork butt" =D

mmm.... pork...

wheresmymind said...

One of these days I'm going to get a whole Pork Butt and roast it all day :)

Anonymous said...

doodles raised the most delicious piggies and I'm sure lil bird remembers "muckin'" our their pen.