Thursday, January 18, 2007

Chicken in every pot

Our lil bird, Maltese Parakeet, and her husband are quite under the weather. Could it be from our Foodie Friend C is for Cooking? Stranger things have happened. None the less he has a good idea for the bug, some fresh OJ.

My feel better recipe is a bit different prescription. I'm sure chicken soup is the real cure.

One fresh chicken
One pot of fresh cold water to cover
Lots of chopped onion
Fresh coarsely chopped parsley
Maybe a carrot, grated
Liberal amount of salt and pepper
More chopped parsley, fine this time

Cover the chicken with water and simmer skim off all the foamy stuff then add the veggies and seasonings. Cooks Note: the foamy stuff won't hurt you nor will it effect the taste, it just looks better. Foam is just protein being dissolved in the water not unlike the foam you get in the hot tub.

Simmer for about an hour or until the skins shrinks up and the meat is done. Don't Boil
Strain out the broth, remove bones and bits and return the meat to the broth alone with more parsley. Sometimes I add some more finely chopped onions, to. Cook for about another five minutes, longer if there are fresh onions, and serve.

I usually do this in my p.j.s but I bet that has nothing to do with the recipe. I wish I was closer to our lil bird but they'll just have to make-do with wishes for a quick recovery.


wheresmymind said...

Would that be a compter virus I gave them?? hehe Thank you *bow* I'll be here all night!

maltese parakeet said...

jeff- you forgot to add: "try the veal and don't forget to tip your waitress!"

thanks, mom, for the virtual soup.
oy, i haven't been this sick in a while. i wish this was a virtual cold!

Anonymous said...