Saturday, January 13, 2007

christmas dinner

better later than never! we had a fabulous christmas dinner at mooncrazy's house: prime rib, yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes, green beans. it was amazing.

prime rib
Photo by Avgvstvs

yorkshire puddings
Photo by Avgvstvs

christmas dinner
Photo by Avgvstvs


Ellie said...

Oh man, that roast is perfect, not to mention those wonderfully puffy yorkshire puds! I've always wanted to give them a try!

Lea said...

I woulda thought you were a buncha limeys lookin at that spread! ;-)

La Vida Dulce said...

That looks like a magazine layout. Beautiful!

mooncrazy said...

Ellie, lil bird is the pro at the pops.

Thanks, lil bird for getting us the photos. We have our own staff photographer that takes some of the food beauty shots. I guess he'd be tall bird.

maltese parakeet said...

ellie, they're actually quite easy. i'm still kinda workin' out the kinks. my problem is that i usually put too much drippings in each cup of the muffin tin and then there's the hole in the middle that you see. i think less drippings next time. they taste great, though, no matter what they look like. and kudos to mooncrazy for cooking the prime rib to perfection - done on the barbeque!

doodles said...

that photographer you hired did a smashing job depicting the amazing, delicious looking food.
kudos to y'all

Sylvie said...

Whoa. that looks good. I love the nice pink prime rib.