Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Amazing Avocado

Glancing thru a magazine, came acrossed a photo of a big, fat, gorgeous avocado, one of doodles favorite food items. Ad was for the California Avocado Commission . Let me tell you from experience Florida avocados don't even come close to having the flavor.

Now let me say that years ago when we moved from California to Connecticut For a few short years we were deprived of avocados. I know shocking to me to. But it took awhile for the Constitution state to step in to the 20th Century, (1976). We were also mexican food deprived. For several years it seemed to husband and I that we were in prison doing penance.

So I toddle on over to the avocado site, my my, my what wonderful recipes they have. Go take a look if you haven't already.

Y'all know my passion for brunch, so I found a frittata that would make a terrific dinner meal.

I'll let ya know, stay tuna'd...


wheresmymind said...

Gave up CA for CT? You do know that CT is the seventh ring of hell, right? hehe j/k...maybe ;)

Anonymous said...

Jeff, Bakersfield is the seventh ring, not kidding.

I have three darling examples of the healthy fat in my fridge right now. Oh want to make.

doodles said...

Oh no Jeff I agree totally.....that's why I only lived there 13 long grueling years