Thursday, January 11, 2007

33 1/3% LA--100% Californio

One of our Foodie Friends, Soul Fusion Kitchen had a good New Year's Resolution: Become acquainted with some of the LA based food blogs. A January LA Times article listed some but not all. They somehow missed quite of few of us. Oh well, we'll have to wait for our fifteen minutes of fame. Sylvie does have a list so if you interested in LA, and who isn't, slide on over.

I consider PBE a LA food blog even though only one of us actually resides there. I like to think Doodles is an LA food blogger on a long-term assignment in another state. She did spend a considerable amount of time in Southern California and cooks with that flavor. I'm very close to being in LA a short trip down the 118. Our hearts are all Californian.

There is one more I'd like to add; Acme Instant Food. What a funny-quirky LA sort of blog. I'm sure there are more but this one has been my "must read" for a while. Check it out if for nothing other than the Great Vodka Experiment of 2006.

Note: Californio, not a typo.


doodles said...

Yep and I'm hoping this assignment is up soon. Yep PBE is definitely LA driven by the three correspondents. And do your best to visit Acme Instant Food cause it's a hootin fun food blog.

La Vida Dulce said...

That is so waaaay cool! I always think of PBE as a local blog. Like you're in the neighborhood. Take care and congrats on the mention!

Sylvie said...

In my book, any % Los Angeles makes you Los Angeles.

wheresmymind said...

I guess I'm a Bostoninan 'cause I use the word "WICKED" in my posts so often ;)

Acme Instant Food said...

I tried posting a "thank you" for the mention on here earlier and then Blogger decided to throw one of its hissy fits. *sigh*

Better late than never, but thanks so much for the really nice mentions! I like what Soul Fusion is doing and I think it'd be a good future post to work on (another round-up).