Saturday, January 20, 2007

Be a wastrel not

A while back I was hanging on the door to the refrigerator trying to think of something to do with all this leftover cheese. The holidays have left me with lots of leftovers and I know there has to be something I can do outside of freezing them to death. Freezing just postpones the job of trashing them.

We are big cheese eaters. Well maybe big because we eat cheese, but I do hate to waste so--what am I going to do with all this cheese bits? A little sliced Swiss, some cubed cheddar, how about those pieces of provolone? Then I remembered a Good Eats episode and went looking on Food Network for the recipe.

Now this isn't the first time I've had trouble finding a recipe from Alton Brown. You'd think it was easy. Type in: leftover cheese; 351 results. Damn. Cheese spread? No luck there unless you'd like to wade through 1,648 results. Type in Alton Brown, 469 recipes; three with the word cheese and nothing close. The agony is, in my mind's eye, I can see him doing this show.

Frustrated but not giving up I "Google" Alton Brown and choose a link called Good Eats Fan Page. This is a scary site but I forge ahead. After a few false starts I stumble onto a list of recipes and then finally, under Snacks--what I've been looking for but, as usual, that whack job, Brown has called it something clever, Fromage Fort. What is he trying to do keep this stuff a secret?
On a side note, this recipe will air again on Wednesday Jan 24 @ 7:00 p. ET/PT.

Here is my ancient Cuisinart, still chugging along. I promised not to buy a new one until this bites the dust but I do lust after the one almost everyone has.

This recipe is easy, tasty and salves my guilt of wastefulness. Before those cheese bits lurking in your ice box turn a lovely shade of blue/green give it a try. Wait, I now have leftover cheese spread; does the horror ever end?


Brian J. Geiger said...

Leftover Fromage Fort? I didn't think such a thing was possible. It's soooo tasty. But yeah, I can see where trying to find that recipe through Food Network's site would be tricky.

The other two options, which may or may not have worked, would be to search for the show by selecting Good Eats and typing in a topic of 'Cheese.' That would have brought up, I dunno, 3 or 4 shows ideally, or no shows if it doesn't work right.

Finally, you could just go to the Good Eats page that lists all the shows and do a Find with your browser for 'Cheese.' I've had to do that from time to time.

mooncrazy said...

Brian J, your final suggestion was good. I just tried that and the fromage fort was in For Whom the Cheese Melts II. Love the titles but it does make finding something difficult. Thanks for the tip.

Annie said...

I have that exact same food processor, it was handed down to me from my mom. I feel the same way, I'd love a new one- but I want this one to die first! Who knows we may die before the Cuisinarts do!!

maltese parakeet said...

what with alton brown and leftover cheese, i thought you'd be going down the welsh rarebit road. mmm, bread and cheese sauce.

p.s. hey, the food geek reads our site!

mooncrazy said...

Welcome back Annie.

wheresmymind said...

That Fromage Fort recipe rocks!! We use it all the time :D

Sylvie said...

How funny, I have that same Cuisinart food processor I got for a wedding present nearly 25 years ago. It is still chugging along also.