Friday, January 19, 2007

Food handling; a follow up

Sister moon's blog on food safety for potatoes got me to thinking , oh danger there for sure.

Although I am quite sure many of you already know the answers to safe food handling. But out of curiosity I googled the subject and came up with a plethora of sites.

Now that I think about it maybe the USDA should consult their own web site given the many ecoli outbreaks.

I think most food safety is common sense but that being said, can't tell y'all how many times I have had food poisoning. So maybe this should be discussed more than it is. Check out the USDA site if you learn one thing and pass that on to someone that's a good thing.


wheresmymind said...

My Dad lives for getting a 'green chip'...maybe I should be worried 'bout him ;)

online texas food handler certification said...

Actually many would think that it's just common sense but when you check the net and read articles about safekeeping your food, you'll realize that there are so many things that you are not aware of. Maybe because of the way foods are processed and handled now that seemed to affect its safety.