Tuesday, January 02, 2007

no fancy new year's day meal at mp's place

i celebrated national hangover day, so there was no fancy new year's day meal happening unless i got off the couch to cook it...and i did not. i did pass by mc d's for a big mac, fries and a coke, though. woo hoo! gourmet! in my opinion it's the greatest hangover cure; forget your bloody marys and your menudo and whatever else. mc d's should just name it the hangover combo meal and get it over with!

new year's eve was a different story, though. to start, we nibbled on olives, salami, cheese, crostini, hummus (not italian, but i love it) and a yummy cannelini-garlic-artichoke spread and sipped prosecco with frozen raspberries. i did up a huge pot of marinara sauce from scratch and made a mountain of meatballs. served over rotini with loads of grated peccorino romano, crusty italian bread and a green salad, it really hit the spot. for dessert, we had a "fancy" trader joe's tira misu, some cheesecake and chocolate and almond biscotti with grand marnier whipped cream for dipping. at midnight, we popped a bottle of blanc de blancs from schramsburg, one of my favorite california wineries for sparkling wine.

so, happy new year to all of our foodie friends! we wish you all success, health and happiness...and many great meals!


Ellie said...

holey moley, talk about a NYE feast! And I absolutely agree about the hangover cure - every time me and one of my best mates got smashed, we'd seek out the nearest Micky D's for a medium big mac meal ;)

doodles said...

your meal sounds fantastic but the greasy burger is a tradition we used to do in the partying days. We live close by to a jack-in-the-box so that was the cure of choice. Works for me.

BTW ellie was the person that siggest the Asian cookbook for you.

wheresmymind said...

National hangover day *laugh*

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

What...no black-eyed peas and greens for New Years?~ that doesn't stay well on a wicked stomach!