Friday, June 30, 2006

Warning!!! no spice organizational skills

Check out sweetnicks for the "I'll show you mine"....this month...spice colection!
This is a lot of fun because you know as well as I do we all love to look in each others cabinets..and thanks to cate, we can do it without leaving our computer.
This is what you get when you do not communicate with your husband when he is remodeling your kitchen. It seems we talked about everything else but "honey where are you going to put your spices"!

So let this be a lesson to y'all...plan your spot for storing your spices. Sister moon just remodeled her kitchen and I know housing her spices was very important item on their kitchen re-do.

Yes I know there are literally a bazillion things I can purchase and organize my spices......but we are fixin to move and right now it is not at the top of my list.

Trust me my next new home will have a fine home for my spices and I'll be thrilled to share it with y'all................stay tuna'd!


mooncrazy said...

I don't think if there were a spice room, it would still be full. It's the way we cook!

Anonymous said...