Thursday, June 01, 2006

Grill of My Dreams--Challenge #1 posts

Thanks to all the participants in PBE's first ever food challenge, Grill of My Dreams. Here are a few of the posts we received so far. More to come in second installment.

Gabriella at My Life As A Reluctant Housewife grilled up some Steak Kebabs
with a great photo and we love her note: Remember it is BBQ Season and it is a perfect time to have a party!

Copperpots gave us a Tandoori Grilled Chicken along with a recipe for an onion chutney. Sounds like a complete Indian BBQ. Lea, is that a Newcastle you're drinking with the chicken? Nice touch! Also, thanks for the link to PBE.

Soul Fusion Kitchen asked, "Can there be too much BBQ?" We say no but she did have a huge feast. Check out Sylvie's posts, she is one busy bbq-er. Pork Shoulder, update to the pork shoulder , and the entire menu complete with pictures to drool over. Did Ziggy get any scraps?

Two post from La Vida Dulce one for the dry rubs, both with and without sugar and one for mops and sauces. Thanks for the Cola BBQ sauce, have not seen it in years.

Ok, you're plate should be full for the time being but we'll have more for you soon.


Lea said...

ooohhh that pork shoulder looks heavenly.... makes me drool... makes me want to spend obsene amounts of money on a smoker.... O_O

Gabriella True said...

Congratulations on your first food challenge! It was a fun one.

mooncrazy said...

This was fun. Now we've got loads of yummy recipes for the whole summer.

Sylvie said...

Fun event. You geussed I'm in on most things to do with BBQing. Lea, the smoker is great and not too too expensive compared to some of the stuff the pros use.