Sunday, June 04, 2006

Grill of My Dreams from Doodles

Since I already posted about my sizzling start to summer which included my broken fridge, my sinus infection, and canceled our company, I'm gonna fill you in on what I did cook on Memorial Day.

Certainly was not the gourmet meal of the century but I did want to tell y'all about the brisket.
And no I do not have beauty shots of the food, I was lucky enough to get the meal put together.

As mentioned in a previous post, I heard somewhere about grinding up a brisket and making that in to patties for your burgers. Ask the meat monger to grind it twice, and this was done at a local market not a meat market. I must remember to ask my friend Lyn about this because I think it was in Dallas I remember reading about this. Funny how things stick in your brain.

Anyhoooo it was yummy..............with a good beefy taste . But may I say your good tasty burger is only as good as the bun you put it on. None of those yeasty buns would do for this beefy burger. I did notice that my market had some interesting looking rolls that would serve nicely for a burger bun. They were of the stone ground wheat seeded variety. So mission accomplished in the bun department.

My menu consisted of brisket burgers mexican style, with guacamole, carmelized onions, roasted pablano peppers, lettuce, tomato, etc. I made an old family favorite from childhood which was a macaroni green pea salad. It's just like a potato salad but with macaroni and canned green peas. And since we were going to have company I had made a sherbert dessert that was a bit different. But I stored it in the broken freezer and the melted dessert was what greeted me that morning..........waaaaaaaaaa!!!

Hope y'all had a great Memorial Day cookout............


mooncrazy said...

Grinding brisket for burgers? Never heard of it but now I can't wait to try. Do you add any fat?

Kevin said...

Brisket makes sense, it's a tough piece of meat but it's also full of flavor.