Monday, June 12, 2006

csa update

all's well on the western front. we've been enjoying the spoils of our first bi-weekly installment of our half share in the tierra miguel csa. long suffering husband and i have been snacking on the avocadoes with impunity. they're usually such a rare treat, but they're in my fruit bowl and i have six (well, had six), so they must be eaten! our favorite thing is to halve an avocado, take the pit out, squeeze some lemon juice on (also from our farm box) and eat with a spoon. breakfast of champions! good and good for you (good hdl cholesterol)!

we had some people over on sudnay night and i had the opportunity to use a few more of the ingredients...and belabor the guests about the concept of the csa. costco had fresh, wild, copper river salmon filets, so i put those in the convection oven (always makes for a nice crispy top). that's not eating local, i know, but i love me some copper river salmon and a glass of pinot noir! never fear, we used our csa veggies for the sides: roasted carrots (a little olive oil and salt and then in the 425 degree oven on convection) and couscous with grilled zucchini. the carrots were actually quite good. [that thunk you just heard is mooncrazy is falling over as she reads this, as she knows how i feel about cooked carrots.] speaking of the lunachick, for dessert, i made the not quite rhubarb pie that she found on nic's bakingsheet. it was dead simple and the general consensus was yum! especially when served warm with some vanilla ice cream. who knew rhubarb tasted so good? it wasn't even around long enough to get a picture!

anyway, so far so good on the csa experiment. i can't recommend it enough. in closing, i'd like to add that everyone should please go see the inconvenient truth movie and make a pledge to yourself to make a change in your life, just a little something, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help stop global warming. i'm sick to death of these hurricanes terrorizing my aunt doodles in florida. [but feel free to keep polluting, because, apparently the global dimming caused by air pollution is actually keeping the global warming from going completely out of control. oy.] thanks!


wheresmymind said...

Did Al Gore invent the concept of "Global Warming" along with the internet? lol Just remember:

"It's not easy being green" -Kermit

mooncrazy said...

Can't wait until beets appear in your care package from the CSA.

Lea said...

I want a CSA!! Its not fair!!!! **CRIES**

doodles said...

and just think if you hadn't experienced CSA you would never have experienced rhubarb and the wonderful recipe from nic's.
thanks for the thought
your loving aunt doodles

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Yeah to CSA's - we just got our first 1/2 share yesterday. Since we're up here in Minnesota, it's mostly greens, but will soon be full of other veggies.

Also - big thumbs up to the Copper River Salmon - just had some of that recently and it is so good! Plus, it is great leftover and cold. Yum!