Sunday, March 05, 2006

too much stuff.............

OK as you all know I got too much stuff - yes admit it. OK I feel better now.....but having said that you can never have too many cutting boards. I am fortunate enough to have a cutting board storage spot in my new cabinets. But I must also say that most of the cutting boards in my possession have been with me for many years, hence the reason for this story.

I have a small round board that I cut things like lemons, limes (for my coronas) and such. I noticed that it was starting to crack. Knowing that my dear husband has a bazillion $$$ worth of "workshop" equiptment. I took my injured cutting board out to his workshop and asked if it could be repaired. He looked at it like a Dr. looks at a patient, I swear. "Yeah I spose I could fix it we'll see" Well a few days later the small round cutting board is back in my kitchen looking fresh and new not lined and gray from age. The boy is a magician with gorilla glue and a sanding block.

So guess what a few days later I discover that I have a much larger wooden cutting board and it has several cracks. I take it out to the workshop to see if this baby can also be repaired. "Well I don't know if the cracks are deep enough to get the glue in good, we'll see' Leave it here".

so stay tuna'd on the cutting board saga.................and please don't think I'm finding things to do for my dear husband.

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