Friday, March 17, 2006

farmers market find...........

OK as was decreed by the "the little bird"............famers market should be the topic and do with it what we may. Well I live in a state,Florida to be exact, where you would think there would be an abundant amount of roadside farmers market.........NOT!!! They are few and far between the closest one to my knowledge is about 25 miles from me. Now I don't mind going out there cause there are other oddities I can enjoy like antique shops. So this a.m. I am setting out for my trek because I know going on the weekend would be a madhouse. I stop at the library first and while there I whine a little about going all the way to Arcadia why the heck isn't there one closer, I'm sure it would do wel, yada, yada. And the nice lady says I hear there is a roadside fruit and vegetable stand on the other side of Punta Gorda. Hey I'm there heck that's only 10 miles. Well sure and begora (it's St Patricks Day ya know) there it is and loaded with all kinds of wonderful goodies all locally grown on their own farm......woo hoo!!!

As you can see by the photo I purchased some green tomatoes, so we can have fried green tomatoes and grilled steak tomorrow nite for dinner cause we be having guests and thank the lord they eat anything.
In the pic there are red yummy looking tomatoes as well not nearly as $$$ as my seester's and hope that they taste better.
I'll let ya know ~ stay tuna'd................................

and thanks to the "little bird" for suggesting this topic because I was lucky and found sumpin new.

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mooncrazy said...

I really like this pix and wonder if it would make an 8x10. It would look great in my kitchen.