Wednesday, March 29, 2006

lip-smacking, yummy, and rather good for you......

would be my rendition of the popular fruit smoothie.

Couple years ago Norm and I were visiting my sister and brother-in-law with the main intention of the whole family gathering at a house on the beach we rented. We arrived at sister house early in the week so we would have time together and not be rushing around going off on our side trip to the beach. We got up early one morning, had our tea and as usual we must discuss food. Do you want breakfast, do ya wanna go out for breakfast ? I wasn't all that hungry so I said why don't I make us a smoothie.............and maybe the boys will want something more substantial.

As I remember sister moon had not made a smoothie at home................but living in California she had plenty of them. So I gather the ingredients which consist of.................

a large container of fat free yogurt
let say about a cup ++ of frozen fruit
blend that with a handful of ice
if too thick I put in some juice such as cranberry
which it seems I always have on hand if not orange juice would be OK.
If too thin throw in a banana.
And to sweeten it up some put in some good honey - a tablespoon would do.
This group of ingredients makes enough for about four small glasses. It is so refreshing to drink one of these mid morning as it fills that gap when you might need a bit of sustenance. On a really hot humid day here in the blue tarp state, Norm likes to have that instead of a sit down lunch.....very refreshing and it seems to give y'all the boost ya mind need on a hot day.

I find my favorite blend is with rasberries but banana and kiwi are a prently close second. Be creative, put some applesauce in one instead of the juice or even some of that peach sauce moon talked about in her last post.

Oh and let me add my raves as well about that breakfast treat moon posted. I know oatmeal I always felt the same way oatmeal.........yech!!!! But definitely not the case in this tasty treat. I even made it for company awhile back along with my version of a mini fritatta that I'll post soon.

stay tuna'd....................

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