Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dear tomato: You broke my budget don't break my heart

Food Topic-Farmer's Market

Thursdays Thousand Oaks, the next city from ours, has their Farmer's Market. Why on earth Simi Valley doesn't have a market I don't know--don't get me started. This time of year the usual fare is winter veggies, such as beets, cauliflower, broccoli and the like and as a bonus, strawberries. They are yummy but still a bit "dear" as my grandmother Lavon would say. What I did pick up were two tomatoes. They were a healthy red, a little weighty, and when I handed them to be weighed the girl said, "$5.50, please." What? Five fifty she said slower. I get that, I'm prematurely gray and I guess I aged a bit more with that news. I was in disbelief but I forked over six bucks. These better be good, I mumble as I shove and the change in my pocket and make a mental note not to waste one atom of these "golden" tomatoes.

Why did I buy them? All Dan, my darling husband, has to do is mention he'd like something and I oblige. He asks for so little and has to contend with me so he's worth $3.75 a pound tomatoes.

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