Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fantastically mediocre

We had dinner last night at a new--within the last four months--restaurant, Johnny Carino's. A chain, which I usually stay away from but had a good experience with the Muncie, Indiana outlet. It just seems everything, from the girls at the front desk taking names, to the wait-staff, to the food was flat.

The food came promptly, was hot and presented nicely but the flavors not "snappy". I'm currently dealing with allergy problems and tried to convince myself that was the problem. I'm not so sure. The staff seemed disinterested in being there and well finished with the salad, we had to sit our empty dishes aside to get our main course. They were busy but not exceedingly so.

In retrospect I should have complained but then again I don't want to complain, not my job. It makes me feel like a hag and ruins my night out. My job is to come, spend money and get something in return and it's the something in return that makes us go back.

So, will we go back? Not likely, there are other places where the staff seems truly happy to be there and in turn, makes the customer feel the same way.

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