Saturday, March 04, 2006

Meat Loaf.......and not too bad I might say.....

ok let me first say I didn't come out of the womb a good cook and it seems that I stayed that way for a very long time. I just sorta fuddled around in the kitchen making ordinary meals.

When we moved to Key Largo we ate out a lot and I mean a lot. For several reason one of which was because it was easy and another was because we had so many good restaurants to choose from. The food was exceptional most of the time and quite fresh. So why should a so, so cook cook?

Well we moved over to the west coast of the blue tarp state about 3 years ago, retired and all, so I thought ya know I should cook more. Well I really got in to cooking thanks to the internet, Food TV, Fine Living and all. Oh and there is another reason we have a crappy selection of restaurants, really crappy. Oh we have the obligatory, Carrabas, and OutBack and all the other chains but no fine dinning. There is one that we like, Danato's, Italian, but how often can ya go there ya know.

So I'm cooking and really enjoying myself. Last nite I made a tasty meatloaf and the reason it was so tasty was I added andouille sausage to it, bueno!!! I also prepared a spinach souffle thingy, as well as a baked potato..real baked not nuked.

I must also say that Norm is happy that I am cooking more because he is reaping the rewards.

Thanks to the Maltese Parakeet for stepping up to the plate and arranging our PBE blog.

stay tuna'd for more of my culinary talents.......................

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