Tuesday, February 05, 2008

welcome, pull up a fork

pbe cooking
the ladies of peanut butter etouffee

welcome! we understand that we've been tagged as one of blogger's blogs of note. we're blushing, really, you just can't see because we have our backs turned to the camera. we noticed a few more people dropping by the site, so we thought we'd take a minute to introduce ourselves and give you a little taste of peanut butter etouffee (pun definitely intended). so, welcome, pull up a fork and dig in! we've provided a few links below so you can hit the highlights, but we hope you'll explore a bit on your own, too, and find something you like...and share your comments! we hope to see you back at our table soon!

by way of introduction, this blog is written by three women, three crazy women. we're all related: mooncrazy and doodles are sisters and maltese parakeet (aka lil bird) is mooncrazy's daughter and, hence, doodles' niece. food is the axis on which our family turns. it makes up our family's shared memories and experiences. we are the type of family that makes up a fabulous meal for a special family occasion and then, as we sit there eating, discuss other fabulous meals we've enjoyed, and restaurants we've been to and meals we'd like to make...need i go on? it's all about the food. as mooncrazy once said, "our common thread is kitchen twine." it all started almost two years and 350 posts ago when doodles emailed lil bird some links for food blogs and said she'd sure love to do something like that. the name came from mooncrazy, who had been saving it for a while to use on something good (her punk band having never got off the ground).

so, here's a quick hit on some of the highlights of pbe so far:

our first post (and lil bird's, as well)

mooncrazy's first post

doodles' first post

the first time we realized we could add pictures to our posts (and we really haven't looked back)

our first time participating in a challenge, this one the stale bread challenge for is my blog burning, and all three of us got in on the act

the roundup for pbe's first challenge, grill of my dreams

the roundup for our first annual anniversary contest - the pullet surprise

our own monthly round-up of food bloggers' pets

lil bird's favorite post

doodles' favorite post

mooncrazy's favorite post

we've really enjoyed doing this over the past two years and look forward to keeping up with it. we've also enjoyed having the opportunity to meet bloggers from all over the world, and we hope that you'll also check out our foodie friends over there on the left.


Professor Howdy said...
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Joanna said...

WELL DONE! Love the picture, too


Unknown said...

What a lovely idea. I enjoyed looking around! Congratulations on being a blog of note.

Deb Cushman said...

Congratulations on becoming a "Blog of Note." I enjoyed checking out your site (great recipes!)and will be back!

escralan said...

nice labels....makes life easy! Keep up the good work! When can we expect the podcast?

Susan said...

Very nice blog! I'm definitely going to poke around the corners here--the blood orange cake for the stale bread challenge looked amazing!

wheatgerm said...

This is awesome Im am proud

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda in love with this blog! Haha. My friends at home [I'm away for school] and I call ourselves the Foodies..and we basically cook and eat. And sometimes dance in the kitchen. But here in my dorm I have no kitchen, le cry. Anyway..I love the food theme. Because that's basically my life. Snaps for you!

Anonymous said...

im hungry for some

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

and I knew you when~~
Y'all do a great job. Well deserved!

K and/or K said...

Congrats one the honor--it was fun to discover this site. I'm a foodie myself...always enjoy being inspired by others. Now...what to make for the Chinese New Year tomorrow? Hmmm... :-)

emily in bklyn said...

I think I love you girls.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, nice comments :)


Deborah Eley De Bono said...

Love all the comments, folks, thanks a bunch. A pod cast? Oh my.

Susan, the Blood Orange cake IS amazing, try it.

Lissa, while you're at college you should share with us something you can cook up in your dorm. Send pix.

number1momx3 said...

I am new to this blogging thing and just found yours. I think it is great! You guys sound like you have a lot of fun! Congrats on being a "Blog of Note" and I will be back soon to check out more of your recipes. I love trying new ones!

Caribbean Dreamer said...

I recently sent in a post for the pet roundup and wanted to make sure that you received it....I'm sure you have alot of entries and correspondence so it's hard to reply to everyone. It was for the blog "Someone's In The Kitchen".

Hilda said...

You should all come visit the Philippines one day—where everything centers around food! I think you'll love it. =)

Gail said...

I stumbled here via Blog of Note. Congratulations. I'll be back to check out more of your recipes, but on first blush I really like the cilantro salad. I love cilantro & try to grow some every summer. It can have a somewhat soapy taste, but usually it has a fresh, biting taste. I love it! So, thanks.
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