Friday, September 21, 2007

You have to break some eggs

No secret, I'm a fan of America's Test Kitchen, both the website and the PBS show, so for my beloved's birthday this week I thought I'd try their Old-Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake. I'm not putting in the recipe because it is quite long but it is so worth the trouble, especially the frosting.

I've always been insecure baking 'scratch' cakes but this one has make me feel quite accomplished. For best results you need to beat the eggs and sugar until they are thick, almost like pancake batter. This gives the cake a wonderful light texture, well that, and the fact their are four eggs and two more egg yolks. Did I tell you this isn't low fat?

There is a bit of a trick to the frosting, too. To begin with, it takes a pound of chocolate. Wow, what's not to like. It's a ganache but beaten until fluffy. You must cool the frosting down to 70 degrees over a bowl of ice water before beating. If it is too warm it won't fluff and too cold it seizes. Don't let this keep you from trying this cake; the effort will give you your reward. My frosting was a tiny bit too soft so after frosting, I refrigerated the cake to 'set' the frosting, then left it our about an hour before serving.

The "kids" across the street came by to enjoy this creation and loved it, as did the birthday boy. But I have just one question, is anyone else this messy?


Vicki said...

If you like the texture of that one (I do)--try this one, too:

I think it must be the hot water makes this one so tender.

And, yeah, me+flour=mess

doodles said...

wow!!! I am very impressed....that pic is almost as good as tasting.

Annie said...

Ok, I'm drooling. Happy now?? :D

evil cake lady said...

That is one yummy looking cake!!

I am certainly that messy; it takes the entire bake time of a cake for me to clean up my mess (25-35 minutes)!

Le Mc said...

Wow, gotta try this one.