Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When in Rome......

well not really Rome, we are in Southern New Mexico. And the abundance of FRESH, I say FRESH ingredients is an absolute thrill.

So finding my way thru a local market I spotted fresh made tortilla's.
Well there is my dinner menu tostada's.

This layered meal can be vegetarian, made with seafood it's your choice, BUT try to go with the freshest products. And of course an adult beverage is a good choice such as my favorite cerveza, Corona.

A tostada is a layered Mexican one dish meal, such as the one posted on the site.

Mine consisted of the following:

a fresh flour tortilla fried crisp
spread with heated refried beans
cooked ground beef, shredded beef or chicken
shredded lettuce
grated cheese, cheddar or jack


Joanna said...

Well, I had no idea that you might fry a tortilla, I've only ever used one as a wrap. Now that you've got over the shock and picked yourself off the floor, can I ask another stupid question: how do you make re-fried beans? It was clearly so obvious to the lady writing the recipes in your link, that she didn't say (I mean, I get the general idea, but would like some specifics - what kind of beans, what flavourings etc etc)

Thanks for sharing what was such a surprise to me ;)


Doodles said...

I guess I should NEVER take food items for granted. I don't make my own re-fried beans, cause they are so abundant here in the markets. But I googled and came up with this site

joanna there are no stupid questions ever.

Let us know if you try this. Wish I could send ya some canned re-fried beans.

Doodles said...


that didn't work try this cut and paste in your browser.

Moon said...

doodles is correct, we shouldn't assume everyone knows our local fare. I think a post on making refried beans is in order.