Friday, September 28, 2007

indispensable kitchen tool

accidental hedonist has a new poll over at her site asking what is your favorite tool in your kitchen. the kitchenaid stand mixer seems to rank pretty high in the comments, but the hands down winner in the poll is the humble knife. i couldn't agree more and i'm thrilled to have an opportunity to post a picture that i took of my favorite tool in my kitchen: my ceramic chef's knife. these were a present from my bunky about seven years ago and i love them to pieces. they're ceramic, so they don't need to be honed with a steel, but they stay super sharp. you're supposed to get them sharpened once a year, but the bummer is you have to send them back to the manufacturer to do it, because they need a special sharpening wheel (diamond, i think). that being said, i've been able to get away with getting them sharpened every two years with no problem.


Doodles said...

I have always wanted to try one of those knives. Maybe I could put a small one on my wish Christmas list.

I went and voted for my immersion blender.

Moon said...

They look pretty, too.

Bradley said...

I have a Kyocera Ceramic Julienne Slicer and Kyocera Ceramic Slicer. Both of these products rock and the standard slicer makes quick work of any thing I want to put on the salad.