Monday, February 26, 2007

Sound the trumpets, unfurl the banners

Our 2007 winner of the PBE Pullet Surprise is, Sylvie at Soul Fusion Kitchen and her version of Doro Wat a spicy Ethiopian chicken dish. Sylvie, an accomplished cook and award winning BBQ'er, stepped out of her comfort zone and tried a new recipe. She gave us a step by step presentation of the recipe she created. She also added links back to the PBE site and our logo. It's all about the marketing.

Thanks Sylvie, our design team will be sending you the official award winner's logo to be placed any where you'd like, your blog, stationery, t-shirt, side of your car, or the trash if you'd rather.

We are honored to mention the following entrants:

New to PBE is Kathy Maister and she has an interesting site for new cooks, Her entry is a step by step video for roasting a chicken. Very inventive video that she manages without sound. Do take a look whether you are a new or more 'seasoned' cook.

Also another new foodie friend's entry was from Mele Cotte and it was very filling as she included an entire menu. She was also gracious to include a link back to PBE and our logo. Her Lemon Pepper, & Thyme Chicken Breast entry looked yummy and even supplied a review a friend A Day in the Life. And as Bush Babee says, "she put her foot in it!"

I had to go beg ACME Instant Food for a post but it's about a fun filled evening that includes rum so why not. Ed was the cook for this post and there are lots of photos and a commentary of the event by Kevin. The Jamaican Jerk Chicken makes you yearn for your own Caribbean Dinner if you can't make it to the island. I suggest becoming a regular reader of ACME if you like humor sprinkled over your food.

Thanks to our contestants. Even though we only had four entries we hope to have another challenge in the future.


Chris said...

Very cool - thanks for doing this! Congrats Sylvie!

Sylvie said...

I am so honored. I will display my award proudly. Thank you all. Ethiopian food is so full of spices and flavor. this is a must try recipe.

Acme Instant Food said...

I suggest becoming a regular reader of ACME if you like humor sprinkled over your food.

THANKS for the nod! I do feel it's necessary though to warn your readers that the Surgeon General has determined that too much humor additives in your food may cause choking, or at least, projectile coughing at the dinner table. Be careful when sprinkling humor over any of your meals. Thanks for listening.