Friday, February 02, 2007

Tequila cool is that

foodie blogger friend Nic over at Baking Sheet posted this recipe awhile can take this to the bank, they are luscious! Not at all alcholly tasting at all. Yes there is a hint of tequila, so no don't be making these for your kiddies birthday gatherings.

I did not have the suggested green sprinkles so I used finely chopped pistachio nuts. I also used 1% milk instead of soy milk.

So there ya have it, a tried and true taste tested yummy dessert for maybe a SuperBowl gathering GO COLTS!!!

Go look at the photo Nic posted, cause I'm sure hers is so much better than mine had I remembered to take one.
Think I will post a Super Bowl menu that I need to plan today cause my sweet husband invited some folks over......stay tuna'd.
And please don't forget PBE's Pullet Surprise


wheresmymind said...

Though he's wicked talented...I can't stand watching the NFL for all the Peyton Manning ads CUT THAT MEAT!

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