Friday, April 27, 2007

They fatten hogs with corn, right?

High Fructose Corn Syrup, as the linked Washington Post article says, "… acts more like a fat than a sugar in your body."--is in almost everything. Lil bird made us aware of it when she tried to give HFCS up for Lent and had trouble finding simple everyday items, such as ketchup or soda, without it.

There are lots of thought on this subject and you can make up your own mind but it's good to be aware of what is going into our bodies. The article also states there are lots of contributing factors to the rise in Type 2 Diabetes but the USDA figures show the type of sweeteners consumed may help to undermine appetite control and possibly play a role in weight gain.

I did find some soda, albeit too late for the Lenten fast, and good old Trader Joe's has a HFCS free ketchup and BBQ sauce. The Jones Soda isn't bad but the colors and flavors are a bit odd. This shocking green is Green Apple and quite flavorful. The Blueberry Lemonade is an attractive pale blue but that color has always been hard to get past my lips. The Archer Farms soda came by way of a guest for dinner last week. This is carried by Target, of all places, and we enjoyed the flavors.

Of course if you just can't find a soda you like there's always this bottle in the last pix, my all time favorite, lots of fizz, no sugar--it's all turned to alcohol.


Laura Rebecca said...

HFCS is pretty troublesome, especially because it's found in so many products.

Another way to avoid HFCS in soda: stock up on kosher Coca-Cola. Around passover each year, the Coca-Cola Co. makes batches of Coke with sugar (and not HFCS) to keep in line with kosher laws. Read more here.

Ellie said...

We rarely have soda in my house, but a way of doing home-made is just to make some concentrated fruit syrups and leave them in the fridge - a little carbonated water and you have yourself a lovely little glass of fizz :D

Doodles said...

I cannot remember the last time we had sodas in the house......and I know neither does sister. I think the main problem is the AMOUNT of HFCS in EVERYTHING that is really annoying.

mooncrazy said...

Ellie, yes, love to do that in the summer, so refreshing.

Laura, yes, lil bird did get some of the kosher coke but never saw it in my town, I live in the 'sticks'.

La Vida Dulce said...

Maybe that is why Mexican Coca Cola tastes so good, it has cane sugar. Some of the local stores sell it in the traditional glass bottles.